Harness your digital feedback

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Harness your digital feedback

Acoustic feedback continues to play a major role in audio systems. However while we all understand how we can best manage and use analog feedback, until now digital feedback loops have stubbornly refused to be brought under control. As specialists in low latency ADCs and efficient codecs, axign has mastered digital feedback loops and developed the technology and IC solutions that let you harness acoustic feedback in your digital audio systems. That means you can embed sophisticated digital control into your amplifier designs while reducing system complexity and costs – no matter if the design offers just a few milli-Watts or pumps out hundreds of Watts.  

Realizing our specifications in silicon

Axign’s product portfolio is still in development. The first product will be an 8-channel data converter and controller IC with PWM outputs for digital audio amplifiers. However we have numerous ideas on how we can expand on this, to bring even more performance benefits to other systems.

AX5689 – Digital audio converter and amplifier controller

A sophisticated and versatile digital controller enables feedback after the output filter such that it corrects for distortions caused by the supply, power stage and analog output filter. The digital implementation of the loop filter allows aggressive filtering with up to 7 orders per channel, instead of the traditional 2nd order. The already high performance per channel becomes exceptional when multiple slices are used in parallel. The linear ADCs and high loop gain enables lower distortion and significant damping. As a stand alone controller it can easily connect to any Class D amplifier.


High-end audio amplifiers and entertainment systems

Active loudspeaker systems

Active noise reduction systems

High-resolution low latency data-conversion

High-speed closed loop controller


Digital class-D controller with feedback after filter

8 controller slices and 8 ADCs enable 8 single-ended channels, 4BTL combinations and other uses

105 dB dynamic range and 0.003% THD

Up to 114 dB with parallel ADCs

Serial audio interface with 44.1–192 kHz sample rates

Configurable interconnections between slices and ADCs for versatility and MIMO control

Volume control and soft mute

Pop free startup and shutdown

Axign really is the new kid on the block

On one level we are a fabless semiconductor company focused on delivering unbeaten and breakthrough analog/mixed signal technology and ICs for audio amplifier systems. The foundation for this is our low latency expertise and mixed signal design experience developed during our time at Axiom-IC (now part of Teledyne DALSA).

We are also technology enthusiasts with strong links to Twente University and 'Het Kennispark' in Enschede. And at our core is a management team of serial technology entrepreneurs. That brings a wealth of experience and understanding of successfully developing and bringing new technologies to market.

As such we are always looking at ways to push boundaries and tackle problems that seem impossible. It is this drive that has seen us push the technology at the heart of digital feedback for audio systems and to realize its full potential.

Jeroen Langevoort

Jeroen Langevoort

CEO / Founder

LinkedIn profile

Prior to Axign, I was with Royal Philips Electronics and NXP Semiconductors holding various positions within R&D. During my work there I was in charge of all developments within the audio amplifiers group and introduced about 30 new products including dedicated automotive class AB amplifiers and switching class D amplifiers. After starting up my own consultancy firm to help companies develop their “mean and lean product development machine”, I took over as CEO of Axiom-IC and the development of the low latency ADC that is now at the heart of our Axign controller IC.

Hette Elgersma

Hette Elgersma

Marketing & Sales Manager / Founder

LinkedIn profile

After a decade of supporting young technology driven entrepreneurs and being involved as a coach in numerous startups, it was time for me to set a new course. Always interested in bringing new technology to the market I decided to set up a company that would create a product I could actually hold in my hand. This ambition, combined with the opportunity of working together with Daniel and Jeroen, has helped make Axign what it is today.

Daniel Schinkel

Daniël Schinkel

Technology Advisor

LinkedIn profile

I am active as an electrical engineer and consultant with 14 years of experience in IC design and signal processing, especially for audio applications. Before my work for Axign, I was one of the founders of Axiom IC, an IC-design company that started in 2007 and was acquired in 2013 by Teledyne DALSA. My technical interests include signal processing, control loops, communication circuits, electromagnetic systems, analog digital and mixed-signal circuit design, sigma-delta data converters and audio power amplifiers.

Join the Axign team

As a start-up we are always on the lookout for new talent and often have specific openings to help us push boundaries and tackle problems that seem impossible. From low-latency ADCs and supreme control loop filters to embedded DSP cores, we really do cover the whole analog and digital domain.

If you think you are the ideal fit for any of the openings below, or believe you would be a perfect member of the axign team then send us your application letter together with your résumé (CV) either by email or post - Axign BV, Moutlaan 20, 7523 MD Enschede, The Netherlands.


Experienced digital design engineer

The Job

To implement, verify and document all phases of a project’s life cycle. Should be eager to design, implement and verify on block and IC level, and also be looking to become a system architect in the near future.


Masters / Doctorate in electronic engineering

More than 4 years of experience as digital IC designer

Experienced in setting up digital system and block level specifications

Experience in designing IP and IC designs containing sigma delta converters, digital filters, DSP cores and peripherals is an advantage.

Good knowledge of VHDL is a must, knowledge of Verilog an advantage

Experience with FPGA and/or ASIC digital design flow (design and constraints, synthesis and place & route)

Experience with DfT and low-power design an advantage

Analytical, pragmatic and driven personality with good communication and negotiation skills

Junior digital design engineer

The Job

To design blocks and verify and validate them on silicon. Keen to work in a dynamic environment which offers lots of possibilities.


Masters in electronic engineering

Experience in digital designs containing sigma delta converters, digital filters, DSP cores or peripherals is an advantage

Knowledge of VHDL is a must, knowledge of Verilog is an advantage

Experience with FPGA and/or ASIC digital design flow (design and constraints, synthesis and place & route) is an advantage

Analytical, pragmatic and driven personality with good communication skills